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Trusted, High-Quality Foundation Repair in Dallas

Complete Foundation Repair

Comprehensive foundation inspection that leads us to an appropriate repair plan 
Commercial and Residential foundation repair services for your property
Professional house leveling services that include slab jacking and mud jacking

Reliable Foundation Services 

Full-scale basement leak repair and waterproofing services for your home
Professional waterproofing, which includes French drain & sump pump installation
Top-notch crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation services

Why We're the Best at What We Do

Experienced foundation contractors who are fully licensed and insured for your protection
Affordable and competitive prices as well as financing available fit for almost any budget
Completely FREE estimates with no strings attached! We respect your decision 

Our Professional Dallas Foundation Repair Company

Foundation repair in Dallas is what we do best! Our foundation company has spent decades training and honing our skills so that we can bring you the latest and greatest foundation repair techniques in the world. All of our contractors are licensed, insured, and knowledgeable on all aspects of foundation repair, waterproofing, and much more. We offer top-notch professionals services to bother residential and commercial customers. Your satisfaction is key for our foundation repair company.

We feel that having a safe and sound foundation that is free from cracks and leaks is vital to keeping the framework of your house or business secure. When a foundation is flawed, it begins to wreak havoc on other areas of the structure resulting in costly damages and even health hazards. Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists do not want to see that happen, which is why we offer high-quality foundation services that our customers can comfortably afford.

It all begins with an inspection. Our contractors will meticulously inspect your foundation and discover any issues, including their root causes. We will then give you a FREE estimate on what our foundation repairs will cost. You can count on our team for a job well done 100% of the time, guaranteed.

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Tried & True Dallas Foundation Repair Services

We want you to know that if our foundation repair contractors can't fix your foundation problems, then nobody can! However, our services are many, and we utilize the best equipment, materials, and team in the state. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Foundation Repair

Leaks, cracks, and other foundation problems can lead to a host off damages. Our team swoops in like superheroes, fixes any issues, and ensures your home or office is standing on solid ground.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces can be excellent places to store goods, but many problems tend to arise when the area is wet. We offer professional encapsulation and vapor barrier installation as two forms of waterproofing.


Expert waterproofing is part of foundation repair in Dallas, TX. We fill in cracks to stop leaks from entering your basement and crawl spaces. Our methods include polyurethane injection, which is a successful way to stop leaks.

Basement Repair

Bowing walls, cracked floors, and leaks in your basement can lead to many foundational problems that can affect the rest of your home. Our team will thoroughly inspect the area and come up with a foolproof repair plan.

Residential Services

It's important for your home to stand on a solid foundation. Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists offers various services to ensure that it does! From crack & leak repair to house leveling, you can count on us for five-star service.

Commercial Services

Commercial foundation repair in Dallas, TX requires a special set of skills, tools, and equipment due to size and other aspects. Our specialists are ready to take on any foundation problem that your property might be facing.

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FAQs About Foundation Repair - Dallas TX

Are you considering professional commercial or residential foundation repair in Dallas, TX, but you have questions about the process? Our FAQ section should answer some of your inquiries. We ask that you also visit our blog for more compelling information about our foundation services and repair process.

How much does foundation repair cost in Dallas?

Generally speaking, most foundation repair costs range between $3,500-$7,500, although some foundation fees are upwards of $15,000 depending on the severity of the damages.

Are foundation repair companies licensed in Dallas, Texas?

As of 2019, foundation repair contractors are not required to hold a license due to the vetoing of House Bill 613. However, professional companies like Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists are fully licensed for customers' peace of mind.

What happens if you forgo to fix your foundation damages?

Depending on the problems, over time, cracks, and leaks in the foundation can cause mold growth, structural issues, and even vermin infestations. It is wise to fix foundation issues straight away to avoid health hazards and property damage.

Our Dallas Foundation Repair Services are Guaranteed!

You can fully depend on our contractor's abilities to repair your residential and commercial foundations without a hitch. We offer Dallas foundation repair services that address any foundation problem. Our extensive experience in the industry runs deep. 

Foundation Repair Dallas Starts With a Professional Inspection

Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists offers high-quality, professional inspections that detect damages and pinpoint how they started. If you've never had a foundation inspection in Dallas, we highly recommend that you do it. Even if foundation evaluations looks great, there can be issues lurking and impending foundation failure that can't easily be seen with the naked eye.

Our team of foundation repair contractors are skilled and trained to spot cracks, assess them, and to know if they are sinister or not. We also analyze foundation movement during your foundation inspection. Are you buying a new home? Having a foundation inspection can reveal substantial foundation problems before you write that down payment check.
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Dallas's BEST Foundation Crack Repair Service

Having cracks in your foundation is one of the most common types of damage that we see. It is true that all concrete is susceptible to cracking at one point or another. However, not all cracks are created equal. For example, a horizontal crack that is more than 1/8 inches in width thick points to problems. Don't worry! We have a solution for every foundation crack repair in Dallas.

Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists utilize the polyurethane injection method to close up cracks and prevent them from causing further damage. If it is determined that your foundation's cracks have indeed wreaked havoc on other areas of your home's structure, we will address the root cause and come up with a treatment plan you can count on.

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House Leveling: An Important Part of Dallas Foundation Repairs

Sometimes, homes tend to shift and sink due to soil expansion. This is commonly a problem seen in concrete foundations, but it can happen to pier & beam structures too. Foundations that sink in various spots often cause trouble like windows and doors not operating properly and sloping floors.

A great way to fix an uneven foundation is Dallas house leveling. This professional service aims to place your foundation as close to its original position as possible. Slab jacking is one way we can make this happen as it is historically proven to be a successful house leveling method. Call us now to learn more about structured foundation repairs!
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Expert Basement Foundation Repair in Dallas

If your home has a concrete foundation, then most likely you have a basement. When cracks and leaks make their way into your foundation, your basement is going to be negatively affected. 

Moisture in the basement can cause mold and mildew to grow and attract water-loving insects. Not a good situation for residential and commercial properties! Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists are experts at basement foundation repairs and putting professional waterproofing implements in place to ensure your foundation stays intact and functional.

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Slab Foundation Repair for Your Dallas Home or Commercial Property

There are many issues that can plague a slab foundation in Dallas TX but our team is here to repair them for you! Depending on the problems that we find our crew will use one of the following fix-it methods:

-Steel Pressed Pilings
-Concrete Pressed Pilings 
-Concrete Piers 
-Masonry Patches & Sealants 
-Slab Jacking
-High-Density Polyurethane Foam
-Helical Piers
-Spot Piers

You can confidently put your faith in our foundation repair company of highly skilled and exceptionally trained professionals to choose the right plan for your slab foundation. Schedule a FREE estimate right now!
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pier & beam foundation repair dallas texas

Pro Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX

Pier & beam foundations in Dallas, TX differ from slab foundations in that they typically include a crawl space beneath the home and do not have a basement. These types of foundations are a bit more complex to build, and their repairs can cost anywhere between $5600 t- $8500. Structural damage to pier & beam foundations includes rotting wood & termites so we typically replace beams with steel ones for longevity.

Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists will inspect the pier and beam foundation and discover how extensive the damages are and what steps we need to take to fix the issues accurately. After our inspection, we will give you a FREE estimate of services. We look forward to working with you!

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Our Service Areas for Foundation Repair - Dallas & Beyond!

Are you looking for professional foundation repair in Dallas, Texas but don't know who to trust? We are foundation contractors that hold the safety and the integrity of your property at the utmost importance. We've expanded our service areas for your convenience. If you live in or around any of the Texas communities below, we invite you to call us now!

Farmers Branch
Balch Springs
Cedar Hill
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We Believe in Firm Foundations.

The foundation of your home or business should be free from damage so that it stands tall for a lifetime. If you think your foundation has been compromised, reach out to our team for a FREE inspection. Call us at (469) 489-3232
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