5 Tell-Tale Indicators Your Foundation Needs Repair in Dallas

December 24, 2021

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One common reason for homeowners to put off needed foundation repair in Dallas is that they don’t actually realize that their property has severe foundation damage! On some properties, you might notice cracks along the exterior foundation concrete or interior basement walls, but not all signs of foundation damage are so obvious. Check out 5 telltale indicators that your foundation needs repair so you know when to call a foundation company near you.

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1. Wall Cracks Mean It’s Time for Foundation Repair in Dallas

A weak, damaged foundation allows a structure to sink, usually along one side or the other. This sinking then results in cracks along solid surfaces, including interior and exterior walls. You might notice these cracks close to window and door frames, or spot stair-step cracks along with the outside brick.

Don’t simply patch up these cracks and assume that your home is in good repair! Instead, schedule a foundation inspection for needed fixes including house leveling or underpinning if you should see cracks along the interior or exterior walls.

2. Doors Working on Their Own Often Indicate Foundation Damage

As a home sinks on a weak foundation, this also pulls door frames and jambs out of a level and even position. As this happens, those doors might start to operate on their own! If left unlatched, a door might swing open slightly or close shut without warning.

This problem includes interior doors between rooms and even cupboard doors. If you notice any of the doors around your home moving on their own, don’t simply tighten hinges or make other quick fixes. Instead, schedule a foundation inspection for needed repairs.

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3. Framing Damage Can Indicate a Weak Foundation

A weak foundation won’t support a home’s wood framing and can also pull on wall studs and floorboards. While you won’t be able to see cracks in the home’s framing, you might notice squeaking and groaning floors, doors that creak as they open, and separated drywall panels or popped drywall nails.

Some homeowners assume that these sounds are normal and just from a home “settling,” but they usually indicate damaged structural framing. Rather than ignoring these sounds, have the foundation checked for cracks and other damage.

4. A Damp Basement Isn’t Normal!

As with squeaking floors, a homeowner might assume that a damp basement is also somewhat normal and to be expected. On the contrary, there is no reason for a basement to feel damp or to have a “dank,” musty smell. Excess moisture in a basement might indicate that concrete cracks are letting in moisture, creating that damp environment.

If your home’s basement is unpleasantly damp or smells somewhat musty or moldy, you can install a dehumidifier or use waterproof coatings on the walls, to block some moisture. However, it’s also vital you have the foundation checked for developing cracks and leaks, so you can schedule timely repairs.

wet basement due to a leak

5. Plumbing Issues Can Indicate Needed Foundation Repair in Dallas

Homeowners might not associate persistent plumbing issues with foundation damage! What do these two issues have to do with each other?

First, note that plumbing installation is often more complicated than you might realize. Pipes are installed at a slight angle, to encourage slow water runoff. Water moves solid materials through pipes so it needs to drain at a certain pace, and the angle of a pipe helps control how quickly water moves through the home’s plumbing.

Plumbing is also connected to vents that allow gasses to escape and which help create the vacuum needed to move water and solid waste through pipes. When vents, pipes, or any of their connectors get pulled out of position, your home might start experiencing persistent clogs, water leaks, and other such issues.

While damaged plumbing has many causes including poor-quality installation or simple everyday wear and tear, don’t rule out foundation issues! If you notice repeated clogs, slow draining tubs and sinks, gurgling sounds, water leaks, and resultant mold growth, schedule a foundation inspection for your home. Underpinning and other foundation repairs can keep those issues from getting worse and ensure your home’s plumbing is in good condition.

Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to bring you this information about signs of needed foundation repair in Dallas and hopefully, you found it helpful. If your property needs foundation repair in Dallas, call our foundation repair contractors today! We offer FREE inspections and high-quality repairs that last. To find out more or to get started with the foundation fixes you need to have done, fill out our online contact form or just give us a call.

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