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Do you know what's going on under your house? Don't worry; most people don't because when something is out of sight, it's usually out of mind. If you have a pier and beam foundational structure, you have a crawl space in Dallas. This area can be utilized for the storage of tools, camping great, outdoor items, and more.

However, if not properly cared for, the crawl space can become a haven for vermin, insects, mold, and other undesirable things. Making sure the crawl space is kept free from moisture is a key component to ensuring its functionality. Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists have a knack for waterproofing Dallas crawl spaces and solidifying their integrity.

Do you know that your crawl space is free from water damage? It'll only take us a few minutes to inspect the area, and we do it for FREE! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Our Dallas Crawl Space Services are Lit!

FREE Crawl Space Inspection in Dallas, TX with Our Contractors

Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists make it easy and affordable to get a proper inspection for your crawl space. All you have to do is give us a call! Our skilled and highly qualified contractors have a talent for overturning any dark, dreary secret your crawl space may be hiding.

From mold to small animals that have taken up residence beneath your home, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll find any discrepancies. Based on our assessment, we'll be able to offer you appropriate services to complement the needs of your crawl space, such as encapsulation and vapor barrier installation.

We work together with our customers to find a plan that fits their storage goals. Waterproofing a crawl space looks a little different for every Dallas home. What will yours look like? There's only one way to find out! Call our team today for your FREE inspection and service estimate.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Dallas is Just a Phone Call Away

Crawl space encapsulation in Dallas is probably the most extreme means of waterproofing. This method totally encapsulates your crawl space and shuts it off from the world completely. We recommend encapsulation in extreme situations where other waterproofing methods have failed and/or the homeowner no longer desires to use the space for storage.

During encapsulation, our team will repair any cracks and leaks that we come across and eradicate mold and vermin. Then, we will cover the entire area with a thick tarp material and seal off the crawl space opening.

Encapsulation is the most effective way to keep the area dry and free from moisture and all the problems that come along with standing water. Are you curious to learn more? Call Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists now to discuss whether encapsulation is a good choice for your crawl space.

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Do You Need Dallas Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation?

Crawl space vapor barrier installation in Dallas is one of the most common forms of waterproofing that our company does for homeowners. This method leaves the crawl space usable while applying an effective moisture-barrier to the area that resembles encapsulation.

The only difference between encapsulation and a vapor barrier is that the latter leaves the entry to the crawl space open. This method isn't as effective as encapsulation, but it still does an excellent job keeping the area dry and fit for storage.

Water vapor barriers keep the crawl space free from standing water, mold, vermin infestations, and they can protect plumbing pipes from rusting. If you'd like to learn more about vapor barriers, please check our blog for a more in-depth explanation.

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We're the Only Company You Need  for Crawl Space Repair in Dallas

Cracks, chips, and holes in your foundation can lead to leaks in your crawl space. Leaks lead to standing water, mold, and mildew. What does that mean for you? A home that is infiltrated with poor air quality and possibly even critters and insects!

It's important to tackle crawl space repair problems head-on with reliable repair specialists such as ourselves. We know how to properly target the problem and apply specific repair solutions that leave your crawl space intact, functional, and dry.

Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists have been making crawl spaces great again for many years. Whether you want complete encapsulation, a vapor barrier, or simply an inspection to get, you started our company delivers what you need with excellence. Get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE consultation and estimate.

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"The team at Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists were responsive and efficient when leveling the foundation of our home. I'm so happy with the work they performed and felt they provided a fair estimate for the job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing foundation repair work in the Dallas area!"
- Monica G.

Our Dallas Crawl Space Service Areas

Are you located in or around the Satsuma, Farmers Branch, Desoto, Balch Springs, and Cedar Hill areas and need high-quality crawl space repair services? If so, you're in luck! The Dallas Foundation Repair Specialists have the tool, equipment, and experience to fully restore your crawl space and make it a practical storage place. We look forward to working with you all throughout our service areas!

Need A Rock-Solid Foundation Inspection?

A professional inspection of your foundation is a great way to reveal whether you have cracks, leaks, & other problems lurking beneath your home's surface. Schedule your inspection today! Call us at (469) 489-3232
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